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IBL for 10 years design

innovative machinery

for the Bakery Industry

Expression of Made in Italy excellence, the Bakery Industry machines developed by IBL reflect the state of the art of the sector and guarantee innovative tailor-made solutions through the design, consulting, implementation and installation of complete-cycle production lines: from storage of raw materials, dough and molding, cooking, up to the packaging of the finished product. “On the occasion of our tenth anniversary – underlines the President Matteo Zumerle – I would like to thank those who contributed to the growth of the company, bringing our products to be exported and appreciated in the world”.


Thanks to the great know-how inherited from his father Germano, at just 33 years, Matteo Zumerle represents one of the most prominent exponents of the success of young entrepreneurship.

Careful connoisseur of mechanics and international market, thanks to an innovative and flexible entrepreneurial formula that combines strategic vision and technical innovation, has led his company to be appreciated and known in many Countries in the World.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of IBL – President Matteo Zumerle tells – I would like to express my gratitude to those who, during all these years, have contributed to the growth of our Company.

It is a matter of great pride to remember when, together with my father, I was taking the first steps towards the foundation of this reality.

For me he represents a fundamental reference point, a depository of culture and a great connoisseur of the mechanics and plants we produce.

But if the Company has exceeded our best expectations in recent years, the credit goes mainly to our Customers. It is only thanks to them that our products are now exported and appreciated in many countries around the world, with constant growth year by year. And this makes me very proud.

It has been above all a teamwork, I could not have achieved such a result alone, without the indispensable collaboration of all those who commit every day to work with us and for us.

Thank you for choosing us and for putting your trust in us.

We want to be the Secret of your Success“.


IBA 2018:


Alessandro Galletti is the Area Manager of IBL srl. IBL is an Italian company focusing on equipment for bakery and confectionery. Alessandro, good afternoon.

Good afternoon, we are IBL, we are based in Verona and we make the design and the construction of all our machineries and ovens in Verona. We make the machineries and complete lines for many products of the bakery world such as soft biscuits, short biscuits, hard biscuits, cookies, cakes and many others, and also salty side bread, flat bread, loaf, toast bread etc. IBL is a young company, family-owned, we are growing so much and we have one important factor in our company which is the father of the owner who has a great experience in the high position of the technical department. We have the possibility to supply all kind of equipment for the bakery.

Here at the exhibition in IBA

IBL has taken two machines…

One is the line for hard biscuits and the other one is the extruder for salty sticks for aperitif. The biscuits line is composed of the four-roller sheeter, three gauge rollers and the rotary cutter machine. Italian advanced technology and high quality are our prerogatives. We have developed this because we must compete with all the biggest companies, not only Italian, but also German and outside Europe. Some details of these lines are the control of the position of the gap between the rollers that is fully automatic, with its motor moving the rollers to get the required gap and controlled by the measurement on the machine.

This gives the best quality in the world and it is the up-to-date technology that grants the best results for the products of the customer. 

The other machine,

the stick extruder…

Is a very massive machine because the product is very hard dough that must go through a very small die and consequently the pressures developed inside are very high.  We are not giving all the secrets here, but this machine makes the wires of stick that are going into the soda baths and are salted and cut and then baked. 

A similar line, not same of this one exposed here, is also the puff pastry line and for this line we have sold already and started up one line for gluten free puff pastry and apart from the appeal of consumers it’s rather difficult because of the absence of gluten in the dough and we have already done it and it is working with success. 

13 October 2018


We are proud to have actively participated in the last Rally 2 Valli, held in Verona on the 13th of October and organized by the Automobile Club Verona.

The Italian title went to Paolo Andreucci driving Hyundai i20 R5 for the eleventh time, exactly like 12 months ago.



Industrial Bakery Line’s technology and proven field experience actually helps you build a successful and profitable industrial business

IBL (Industrial Bakery Line) is a leading manufacturer
of complete production layouts and machinery for
whatever bakery products: from bread to puff pastry,
to biscuits. The production lines can be either fully
automated or semi-automated.
IBL is a family-owned Company based in Verona,
Italy: an area that can rely on a great tradition in the
Bakery Industry.
Proactive and definitely service-oriented, creative
in devising the most tailored and cost-effective
solutions through cutting-edge technology and
engineering, IBL may well be the best suited business
partner for your needs.

The Company moves to larger

Headquarters and sends

a message to the Market.

TecnAlimentaria interviews

CEO Matteo Zumerle

Mr Zumerle, you have just moved to new, far bigger
premises: a clear sign of growth…
Our growth is the direct consequence of the increasing
demand from the market. A fact we welcome with
enthusiasm and proudly acknowledge, yet it represents
a challenge at the same time, which calls for even more
commitment on our part.


What other interventions would you implement in order to
achieve your market goals?
Research and Development are a fundamental aspect, yet
there is at least another factor which plays a crucial role: I
mean the capability of coming up with the proper solution
at the right time for our Clients, reacting promptly and
effectively, whenever and wherever needed.


That’s clear enough, Mr Zumerle. Changing topic, could
you describe the modifications of your new Company logo?
Sure. The dot of the letter “i” has become an Italian flag to
emphasize the “Made in Italy”. But the spike stem design
represents perhaps the most radical change. The old one
was a flat line somehow epitomizing the Industrial Bakery
Line, in other words our brand name. The new spike stem
is curved like a crescent and shaped like the cross section
profile of a grooved roller: it creates a perfect fusion
between the wheat spike, symbol of bakery products, and
an iconic machinery component. Furthermore, it makes the
whole IBL logo more compact and distinctive.


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