Industrial Bakery Line’s technology and proven field experience actually helps you build a successful and profitable industrial business

IBL (Industrial Bakery Line) is a leading manufacturer
of complete production layouts and machinery for
whatever bakery products: from bread to puff pastry,
to biscuits. The production lines can be either fully
automated or semi-automated.
IBL is a family-owned Company based in Verona,
Italy: an area that can rely on a great tradition in the
Bakery Industry.
Proactive and definitely service-oriented, creative
in devising the most tailored and cost-effective
solutions through cutting-edge technology and
engineering, IBL may well be the best suited business
partner for your needs.

The Company moves to larger Headquarters and sends a message to the Market. TecnAlimentaria interviews CEO Matteo Zumerle

Mr Zumerle, you have just moved to new, far bigger
premises: a clear sign of growth...

Our growth is the direct consequence of the increasing
demand from the market. A fact we welcome with
enthusiasm and proudly acknowledge, yet it represents
a challenge at the same time, which calls for even more
commitment on our part.

How do you commit yourself to this challenge?
Well, to begin with, we are massively reinvesting our
business profits in order to better satisfy the increasing
demand. Our recent moving to new, larger premises based
in Villafranca – where Verona’s airport is located – comes as
a natural consequence, but it is not the only step necessary
to achieve our market goals, of course.

What other interventions would you implement in order to
achieve your market goals?

Research and Development are a fundamental aspect, yet
there is at least another factor which plays a crucial role: I
mean the capability of coming up with the proper solution
at the right time for our Clients, reacting promptly and
effectively, whenever and wherever needed.

That’s clear enough, Mr Zumerle. Changing topic, could
you describe the modifications of your new Company logo?

Sure. The dot of the letter “i” has become an Italian flag to
emphasize the “Made in Italy”. But the spike stem design
represents perhaps the most radical change. The old one
was a flat line somehow epitomizing the Industrial Bakery
Line, in other words our brand name. The new spike stem
is curved like a crescent and shaped like the cross section
profile of a grooved roller: it creates a perfect fusion
between the wheat spike, symbol of bakery products, and
an iconic machinery component. Furthermore, it makes the
whole IBL logo more compact and distinctive.